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Baby Strollers


*Please note that we accept items that are new or gently used. We kindly ask that you do not donate anything that has stains on it! If you wouldn’t donate it to your friends, please don’t donate it to the refuges. They have endured great trauma and we are attempting to help them heal!

•Pressure cookers

•Stock pots

•Meat grinders


•Kitchen towels

•Pots and pans

•Storage containers

•Pyrex or similar

•Mixing bowls

•Serving platters/bowls


•Tea/coffee cup sets (service for 6+)

•Sewing machines

•Sewing supplies

•Cricket gear

•Soccer gear

•Volleyball gear

•ESL books

•Electric razors

•Vacuum Cleaners

•Modest clothing

•Queen size bedding

•Twin size bedding

•Crib size bedding

•Bath towels


•Car seats that are not expired (they have an expiration date on them)



•Small bookcases

•Working TVs

•Working laptops


•Ironing Boards

• Small Tool Sets (think essential tools)
• On approval we also accept the following furniture:
o twin and queen mattresses with no stains/rips
o dining room table and chair sets (preferably the larger ones)
o cribs (no drop sides)
o crib mattresses
o queen bed frames
o twin bed frames
o twin bunk beds
o toddler beds
o end tables
o dressers

If you have something else that you think would be useful to our families, please do not hesitate to ask us by using the contact us link at the bottom of the home page! Thank you!

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